Our EB-5 Partner: WestleadCapital Inc.

CICI has a very special relationship with Westlead Capital, Inc. We started cooperating with Westlead in 1991 and have worked closely with the Westlead team since then. Westlead is one of the largest Asian based immigration consulting firms. In our course of dealings CICI has developed many investment based immigration programs. Westlead has been a valuable partner in successfully promoting those programs in Asia and in providing very valuable advice and guidance on how those programs should be structured to be most attractive to prospective customers in Asia.

Throughout our history of close cooperation, Westlead and CICI have helped thousands of families successfully immigrate to Canada and other countries. The cases have been handled professionally and efficiently by both companies. From the investment side, CICI has never defaulted on an investment of any immigration customer. From an immigration side, Westlead has provided high quality applicants who meet the requirements of the programs; the files have been professionally prepared and processed efficiently and properly. The success rate for customers working with Westlead and CICI is exceptionally high.

We are very pleased that this cooperation is continuing today. We are working together closely on the PEI Provincial Nominee Program. CICI, through a subsidiary, is a government appointed Island Agent authorized to participate in the PEI PNP. In 2002, CICI and Westlead pioneered the structuring and marketing of the PEI PNP. Since 2002, CICI has done more cases in the PEI PNP than any other Island Agent and Westlead has provided more clients to CICI’s PNP offering than any other consulting firm. We continue to work closely with Westlead in marketing the current PEI PNP.

Westlead has also been active in the US EB-5 program for about 10 years. CICI has recently been working in the United States and has a well-structured secure investment that qualifies for the EB-5 program. Westlead is the exclusive agent for marketing this real estate based investment which is based in Petoskey Michigan.

Westlead also has been active in developing its own immigration investment program in Singapore as well as St. Kitts and Nevis. CICI has agreed to market Westlead’s Singapore and St. Kitts and Nevis’ immigration program in markets outside of Westlead’s principal Asian markets of China and Taiwan.

We are very proud of the long standing cooperation between Westlead and CICI and look forward to continuing it in years to come so both companies can provide well-structured immigration programs that are handled efficiently, professionally and utilize our combined extensive experience to ensure our clients will have a successful outcome with their immigration applications.

For more information on Westlead, reference is made to http://www.Westleadcap.com