Our Programs

Canadian Provincial Programs:

Canadian and provincial immigration programs are the gateway for individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada to build a better future for their families. Each immigration program is designed to allow immigrants obtain permanent resident visa, which allows the immigrant the right to live, work and do business in Canada.

Canadian International is actively involved with the below Provincial Nominee Programs, through these programs, we have assisted thousands of people to obtain their permanent resident visas:

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United States - US EB5 Immigration Investor Programs:

Canadian International also offers attractive eligible projects under the US EB5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program. This program is designed to encourage investment of foreign capital in the United States to create employment and benefit the economy. You and your immediate family can obtain green cards and Permanent US Residency by investing US$500,000 into a government designated Regional Center for five years.

We are offering the following US EB5 Immigration Investor Visa Programs:

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