Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI-PNP) - 100% Ownership Stream

To qualify for the Immigrant Partner's component of the PEI-PNP 100% Ownership Stream, an applicant:

  • must have a minimum net worth of CAD$600,000 (excludes donations; gifts and private loans)
  • must have previous management experience
  • must have an approved business plan to do business in PEI, either by purchasing or establishing your own business or investing in a minimum of 1/3 of the voting shares of an existing business
  • must be prepared to make a minimum CAD$150,000 investment
  • must make a CAD$200,000 conditionally refundable deposit without interest with PEI Government prior to nomination
  • must speak moderate English or French. Applicants are require to provide Original IELTS result, and must meet the minimum average total score of 4.0
  • must score 50 or more points on the self-assessment form
  • must have an honest intention to establish a full time permanent residence in PEI

How to Apply

Net Worth CAD$600,000:

You must provide proof of how you obtained your Net Worth, by providing:

  • Current Bank Certification Letter
  • Evidence of Savings Balance
  • Fixed or term deposit statement
  • Evidence of Public Trade Stock (if applicable)
  • Real Property Assessment
  • Financial Statement of your business to shows its value

​You must have sufficient unencumbered personal funds to start your business venture without third party assistance and settle in PEI for a minimum of 1 year period.

PEIPNP will not accept donations, gifts, and private loans as part of the CAD$600, 000 Net Worth requirement

Management Experience:

Your management experience could be as a senior executive or business owner. To prove you have a successful management experience, you can provide but not limited to:

  • Certificates of experience
  • Copies of business licenses
  • Copies of company information such as financial statements
  • Detailed information of company ownership

​​Self-Assessment Form:

Applicants require scoring 50 or more points, this score consists of:

  • Age
  • Education/Training
  • Work Experience
  • Language Ability
  • Adaptability

​​Business Plan:

You are required to purchase, establish a business, or invest in a minimum of 1/3 of the voting shares of an existing business in PEI . You need to:

  • pursue a business that matches with your business skills/background
  • participate in the business in an active managerial role

If a partial ownership of an existing PEI business is chosen, a purchase agreement is required which will set out the amount to be invested and the management role.

You need to submit a business plan that must be approved by PEI-PNP officials.

To help you to understand the business environment of PEI , an exploratory visit in PEI is required.

Exploratory Visit and Preliminary Interview:

You are required to make an exploratory visit to PEI for at least 5 days. During the visit Canadian International will assist you to:

  • Explore PEI business environment
  • Meet economic development agencies
  • Explore business opportunities related to your field of expertise
  • Explore housing, education and community facilities for your family

​In addition you will participate in a preliminary interview with officials from the Immigration Services of PEI.


Must provide a valid International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test result (obtained within the last 2 years), and must achieve IELTS score 4.0 or above will qualify.