PEI-PNP Work Permit Stream Application Process

  • Canadian International will assist and process applicant's application forms and supporting documents, then send them to PEI-PNP officials
  • Interview to be scheduled with PEI-PNP officials
  • During the 5 days PEI exploratory visit, Canadian International will provide full interview preparation prior to actual interview with PEI-PNP officials
  • After successful interview, with Canadian International's assistance, prepare a detailed business plan
  • PEI-PNP officials will issue Work Permit Support letter
  • Applicant then needs to use the Work Permit Support letter to apply for a Work Permit Visa. Once this is completed and Visas are obtained,the applicant and family can move to PEI to open his/her businss in accordance to the businss plan as mentioned above in step 4
  • After 1 year of successful operation of the businss in PEI, PEIPNP will issue a Nomination Letter
  • Canadian International will assist and process applicant's complete set of application and supporting documents per Federal Government guide, and the application package will be submitted to Case Processing Centre in Sydney Nova Scotia 
  • If there are no criminal, security or medical problems, the permanent resident visa will be issued